Shaked: I will fight to prevent changes in the Judicial Election Committee

Former Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked took to social media on Tuesday to explain why, in her view, the issue of the Judicial Election Committee is so important.  
Reports in Israeli media suggested that disagreements over this issue are among the reasons a unity government between Blue and White and Likud is being halted.  
Shaked argued that, in the past, the committee was controlled by the judges and there was no representation to the will of the people in whom are appointed.  
This led to what she called “incest of ideas," meaning that those who were appointed agreed on the same ideas, for example, that the Supreme Court should be able to decide what the original intention of laws is.  
"The democratic revolution began," she wrote, "I will do my best to ensure it will go on."  
As Israel does not have a constitution, those who oppose this view argue that the court is seeking powers it was not meant to have and point to the Knesset as the body that should decide.  
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