Shas's Deri promises to protect weak sectors in next gov't

Shas triumvirate leader Arye Deri expressed satisfaction and optimism with his party’s exit poll results, and promised to protect the weak sectors of society who Shas has campaigned for in the coming government.
Deri also roundly denounced Haim Amsalem and Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak for running against Shas and accused their respective parties of causing Shas to drop two seats, despite the fact they neither of them passed the electoral threshold.
“This was the hardest campaign Shas has ever faced but we have proved that we are the most stable party of government and that Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef is the leader of Sephardi Jewry in Israel and around the world,” Deri declared. “We will represent those who don’t have in the next government regardless of sectoral considerations. Poverty has no color and poverty has no kippa,” he continued, emphasizing Shas’ campaign message of protecting the poor from budget cuts in the next government.