State to compensate activist over police beating

The state has agreed this week to pay nearly 60,000 shekels in compensation to a man beaten by a police officer during an anti-disengagement rally in 2005.
The beating victim, Benny Rahamim, who was a resident of Neve Dekalim in Gaza, and today lives in Nitzan, arrived at the Kissufim checkpoint to pick up his daughter from a demonstration against the impending disengagement from Gaza.
The checkpoint had become a focal point for routine demonstrations. According to the charge sheet, as Rahamim waited in his car, a senior Special Patrol Officer, Ch.-Supt. Shai Badash, who was the commander of his unit the Lachish region, asked him to move to the other side of the street.
For the incident, Rahamin has since required extensive medical care, and his level of disability has risen since being subjected to the brutality. He was also subject to a police investigation on suspicion of attacking an officer.