Statues devastated in WWII go on show in Berlin

Berlin's Pergamon Museum is putting on show a collection of statues unearthed a century ago in present-day Syria that have been painstakingly put back together after their near-destruction during World War II.
The roughly 3,000-year old statues have been pieced together over the past decade from fragments left behind when Berlin's Tell Halaf Museum was bombed in 1943.
The exhibit, "The Tell Halaf Adventure," opens on Thursday.
The statues were excavated in 1911 to 1913 by German archaeologist Max von Oppenheim and first went on display in Berlin in 1930.
After the wartime bombing, the rubble was salvaged and stored for decades in the Pergamon Museum's cellars. Restorers sifted through some 27,000 fragments to restore the sculptures.