Sudan deploys troops at Libya border, evicts envoy

KHARTOUM - Sudan has deployed troops at the Libyan border to prevent arms smuggling to rebels in Darfur and closed the Libyan consulate in the troubled region, a government official said on Wednesday.
"We deployed troops at the border to Libya because we are worried about arms smuggling (to rebels)," Khalid Musa, spokesman for the Sudanese foreign ministry, said.
Sudan closed the Libyan consulate in al-Fasher in Darfur and asked staff to leave within 48 hours after Libya had closed the Sudanese consulate in the eastern town of al-Kufrah, Musa said.
"We summoned the Libyan ambassador for an explanation why the consulate was closed but his answer came too late and was not satisfactory so we closed the Libyan consulate," he said.