Sudan, South Sudan talks postponed until next week

KHARTOUM - African Union-brokered talks between Sudan and South Sudan to resolve lingering issues from their partition a year ago have been postponed until next week because of the funeral for Ethiopia's former prime minister, an official said on Monday.
Sudan and South Sudan split a year ago under a 2005 peace deal that ended decades of war, but have yet to work out a variety of issues such as the exact position of the border.
They are expected to come under international pressure to reach at least a partial deal on border security in the new round of talks which should clear the way to resume oil exports vital to both economies.
Sabir Hassan, co-chair of Sudan's economic negotiations team, said the talks, due to take place in the Ethiopian capital where the African Union is based, had been postponed until after the Sept. 2 funeral of Meles Zenawi who died last week.