Survivor of Kuntar's slaughter: 'I will never let them frighten me again'

Smadar Haran-Kaiser, the mother who survived the terrorist attack led by Samir Kuntar in 1979, painfully recounted how her family was slaughtered before her very eyes, and how she has vowed to “never let them frighten me again.”
“I am not sure who killed him, but whoever did – we might never know,” Haran-Kaiser said on a conference call organized by the Israel Project on Sunday.
Hezbollah accused Israel of killing Kuntar in an air strike in Damascus. Israel welcomed his slaying but did not say it was responsible.
Kuntar was convicted of perpetrating a notorious attack in 1979 when he landed in Nahariya with three other terrorists on a boat from Lebanon, shot a policeman, then killed Haran-Kaiser’s husband, Danny Haran and their four-year-old daughter, Einat.
Her youngest daughter, a toddler, also perished, leaving Haran-Kaiser as sole family survivor.