Suspect in Mor-Yosef murder Nir Haziza's remand extended for five days

Suspect in Mor-Yosef mur

Nir Haziza, the 24-year-old suspect in the killing of Ramle yeshiva student Yiftah Mor-Yosef in an August underworld assassination attempt, was remanded for five more days on Wednesday. Underworld figure Einav Cohen, the intended target, who was seriously wounded in the attack, told police that Haziza was the assailant. Shachar Hatzroni, Haziza's attorney, denied his client was involved in the attack. Rachel Mor-Yosef, the victim's mother, said in an interview with Army Radio on Wednesday that, "the developments in the case don't make things easier on me but rather make it more difficult to deal with the grief."