'Suspicion of fraud by man who worked on Schalit project'

Yoel Marshak, an activist in the campaign to free captured-soldier Gilad Schalit, appointed an ex-prisoner who was previously convicted of fraud, to be in charge of fund-raising for the Schalit campaign, reported Army Radio.
According to the report, after a flotilla arranged by Marshak to express solidarity with Schalit was canceled, suppliers who were recruited by the Schalit family to help with the project did not receive the full amount of their money back.
The ex-prisoner, Ronen Bar-Shira told Army Radio Wednesday morning that "My past has nothing to do with this. I returned all the donations to the suppliers. I am ready to come tomorrow with the receipt book with the people who worked on it, and show each document. If I'm wrong about something, I'll jump from the Shalom Tower or from the highest tower in the country."
In response, Marshak said "As soon as I discovered that we were dealing with a con man, I stopped any contact with him, and I tried to get the debt payed."