Swedish mountain routes given Third Reich-inspired names

Certain mountain routes in the Jarfalla climbing area outside of Stockholm, Sweden were given names inspired by the Third Reich, such as "Kristallnacht," "Crematorium," and "Little Hitler," the Telegraph reported on Monday.
The first person to set out a route and make it available to others has the right to name it, according to accepted climbing practice. The routes in question were named between 1987 and 2001.
Christopher Urby, a representative of the Swedish Climbing Association, said that he was aware of the names of the routes, but that his body was not authorized to change them.
The climber responsible for naming "Little Hitler," Michael Widerberg, said that the route names should not be taken seriously, stating that they were an "internal thing between climbers."
In the past, authorities renamed a route called "Negro" when a climber said he found the name offensive.