Swiss man arrested in row with Libya goes on trial

, (AP) — A Swiss manarrested in during a diplomatic row between the two countries appeared in court Saturday toface charges of operating a business without a license, his lawyer said. Thejudge announced he will issue a verdict in March.

The trials of Max Goeldi andanother Swiss businessman, Rachid Hamdani, are at the heart of a diplomaticdispute that has sorely taxed Libyan-Swiss relations.

The two men were detained in in 2008 days after police in arrested Hannibal Gadhafi, the sonof 's leader, and hiswife for allegedly beating their servants in a hotel. accused authorities there ofusing excessive force during Gadhafi's arrest.

Libya responded by recalling someof its diplomats from Switzerland, suspending visas for Swiss citizens,withdrawing funds from Swiss banks, stopping crude oil shipments and reducingflights to Switzerland.