Syria doesn't trust chemical weapons claims by US, Britain

UNITED NATIONS - Syria urged the United Nations on Tuesday to send scientists to investigate its claim of a chemical attack by rebels in Aleppo, but said it does not trust accusations by the United States, Britain and others that such weapons were used elsewhere in the country.
Syria's UN Ambassador Bashar Ja'afari also accused "armed terrorist groups" of spreading powder from plastic bags - which he described as "probably a kind of chemical material" - among crowds in the northern city of Saraqeb on Monday.
"Many people were affected by this heinous, irresponsible act and the wounded, as well as the victims, had manifested signs similar to those during the use of chemical weapons," Ja'afari told a news conference at the United Nations in New York.
Opposition groups have accused the government of the attack. Ja'afari alleged that the rebels had "prearranged" for the victims to be transported into neighboring Turkey so proof of a chemical attack could be gathered and blamed on the government.