Syria National Council asks UN envoy to rescind remarks

AMMAN - The main Syrian National Council opposition group demanded on Sunday that the conflict's new international mediator apologize for saying it was too early to comment on whether Syrian President Bashar Assad should step down.
Lakhdar Brahimi, speaking after the United Nations confirmed last week that he would take over Kofi Annan's mediation role, said he could not ask Assad to resign because he did not "know enough about what is happening", in contrast to Annan who said it was clear the Syrian leader "must leave office".
Brahimi, an Algerian diplomat, appeared to back away from the comment in remarks on Sunday to Al Jazeera, explaining that what he had said was that it was too early for him to say anything about "the content" of his mission.
"I was only appointed two days ago and have not been to New York or Cairo. It is premature to say anything about the content of the case," Brahimi said, referring to the seats of the United Nations and the Arab League, who he will represent.