TA beach beating victim died before he was thrown into sea

An autopsy carried out on the body of Tel Aviv beach beating victim Leonard Karp on Monday determined that he was dead before his attackers threw him into the sea. Meanwhile, police began bringing the Jaljulya suspects in Friday night's fatal assault on Tel Baruch Beach back to the crime scene on Monday evening. The first suspect reenacted the crime, describing how he punched and kicked Leonard Karp, who had been sitting with his wife and daughter. Meanwhile, a 17-year-old suspect from Petah Tikva, who was released to house arrest on Sunday, was brought back for interrogation on Monday. Another suspect, a 19-year-old female soldier from Kfar Saba, told police that the murder was "shocking" and that she regretted fleeing the scene with the other suspects and leaving Karp to die. She described the whole episode as a "mistake" and said she "didn't know the Jaljulya suspects as violent people," Channel 10 reported.