TA joins global 'October 15th' protests with low-key affair

Tel Aviv on Saturday joined hundreds of cities across the globe holding “October 15th” demonstrations, focused on a message of greater economic equality and opportunity, and increased citizen participation in public life.
Tel Aviv’s event was a small and rather laid-back event, light years from the tear gas and fire of Rome, where protestors clashed with police and vandalized and torched banks and storefronts. The global demonstrations are largely inspired by the Occupy Wall Street protest that began on September 17th, and its message “we are the 99%“ that has steadily gained greater media attention in recent weeks.
For it’s part, the gathering at the Tel Aviv museum harkened back to an earlier protest closer to home, and seemed an extension of the open discussions, art exhibits, and jam sessions that gave life to the Rothschild tent city in central Tel Aviv, albeit set up in an open, breezy plaza at the end of the Sukkot holiday weekend.