TA: Police arrest 3 at Palestinian village commemoration

Police arrested three people for disturbing the peace outside the Tel Aviv offices of the left-wing organization "Zochrot" (remembrances) in the early hours of Thursday morning, shortly after the group had held an Independence Day event commemorating pre-1948 Palestinian villages.
The event consisted of a small meeting and a lecture inside the group's headquarters, a small office inside a converted apartment inside a residential building about two blocks away from the main Independence Day celebrations at Rabin Square. Attendees had planned on leaving the building and laying out posters on the sidewalk and side-street outside their offices, which showed the names of Palestinian villages that existed within the Green Line before the founding of the State of Israel.
When they came downstairs, they said they were told by police that the act would be considered disturbing the peace, and that they would only be allowed to leave the building if they left the posters behind and identified themselves to police officers.
A stand-off of sorts ensued, and police eventually arrested three people for disturbing police, including one who was standing in the middle of the street reading the names of Palestinian villages that were in the Tel Aviv area before 1948.
By around 2 a.m. police relented and cleared the barricades, and the rest of the protesters left without incident.
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