Ted Cruz comments on uncovered alleged Hezbollah tunnels found in Israel

US Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) issued the following statement in response to Israel launching Operation Northern Shield, Israel has the absolute right and obligation to dismantle the terror infrastructure that Hezbollah has built in preparation for infiltrating its northern border and attacking its citizens, including the attack tunnels targeted this week by Operation Northern Shield.

"Hezbollah has built these attack tunnels from inside homes, where they also use Lebanese civilians as human shields for their rockets and missiles, of which there are roughly 150,000 pointed at Israeli civilians.
"I encourage Congress to pass and the president to sign my bipartisan bill to impose sanctions on Hezbollah and Hamas, along with their enablers, for using human shields.
"The fault for civilian casualties lies with those like Hezbollah and other Iranian proxies who use human shields, and those who are complicit in these practices must be held accountable.” the senator concluded.