Teheran: West should not serve as human rights benchmark

Western countries are not fit to serve as a benchmark of human rights, the head of Iran's Human Rights Commission told a Teheran conference on US human rights violation on Monday, Iranian Press TV reported.
Larijani explained further that no country should be considered as measure of human rights because all nations need to contribute to the human rights process.
Westerns nations, including the US, have politicized human rights "to make political capital," Larijani accused.
According to the Press TV report, he alleged that existing international documents on human rights are drawn up based on a "secular and liberal' way of thinking, and exclude Islamic countries' human rights values.
Larijani stated that Iran supports the Universal Periodic Review saw it as a positive move.
The UPR is a stat-driven process which involves a review of human rights records of all UN member states once every four years under the auspices of the Human Rights Commission.