Tent protest founder weighing run in TA mayoral race

Daphni Leef, the 28-year-old Tel Aviv woman who started the social justice protests of the Summer of 2011 is weighing a run in the city's next mayoral elections, Leef said Tuesday.
In a post on her Facebook page on Tuesday, Leef wrote “I can't lie, I am thinking about this seriously. I still haven't decided whether to run or not.”
Leef's statement came the day after a Facebook event was created by unknown persons called "E is for elections - the official campaign launch for Daphni :Leef for mayor of Tel Aviv-Jaffa.”
The event page appeared to speak in Daphni's name, and says that this coming Saturday at 8pm, a launch party will be held at the place where it all began – at Habima Square on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv.