Train plot suspect says Canadian laws not a 'holy book'

TORONTO - One of two men charged in Canada with plotting to attack a passenger train dismissed Canada's criminal code on Wednesday as imperfect, saying only God is perfect.
Speaking during a brief hearing where he was ordered back into custody, Chiheb Esseghaier said the allegations against him were based on laws that cannot be relied on, because they are not the work of God.
"All of these conclusions was taken out based on (the) Criminal Code," the Tunisian-born Esseghaier, 30, told a Toronto court. "The Criminal Code is not (a) holy book."
Esseghaier said the Code is not perfect: "Only the Creator is perfect."
Esseghaier, 30, along with Raed Jaser of Toronto, were arrested on Monday in separate raids after what police said was a joint Canada-US investigation that started last year after a tip from a member of the Muslim community.