Train traffic reaches record 40m passengers in 2012

Israel Railways carried four million passengers in December 2012 and more than 40 million on existing and new lines during the year, it reported Sunday.
Passenger traffic in December 2012 was 22 percent higher than in December 2011, Israel Railways said. Traffic was up 29% on the Tel Aviv-Netanya line and rose 16% on the Haifa- Tel Aviv line, it said.
“2012 was a record year for Israel Railways in terms of investment in improving passenger service, in increasing the number of trains and seats, improving the passenger experience at stations and on trains and a marked improvement in keeping schedules,” Israel Railways CEO Boaz Zafrir said in a statement. “The investment in service had results in the field, and I am pleased to see new monthly records set during the year. We will continue to improve the passenger experience so that more people will leave their cars at home and take the train to work.”