Transportation minister raises Road 6 speed to 120 kmph

Replacing the current 110-kilometer per hour speed limit on Road 6, Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz announced on Tuesday that he would be raising the travel speed on the highway to 120 kilometers per hour. Because speeding enforcement begins only when a driver is exceeding the speed limit by 10 percent, the actual speed limit of the highway will be approximately 130 kilometers per hour, the ministry said.
The decision to raise the speed to this limit arose from the fact that Road 6 is up to par with the world's most quality roads, built to very high standards and enabling continuous and fast driving, according to the ministry.
At the same time as he raised the Road 6 speed limit, Katz also decided to raise the limit on some of the country's other highways to 110 kilometers per hour – in reality 120 kilometers per hour – including Road 1 from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, Kavish HaHof (Road 2 from Tel Aviv to Haifa and Road 4 from Ashkelon to Rosh HaNikra) and Kavish Macabit (Road 471).