Treasury: Gov't building projects require at least 20% C&DW

Treasury Accountant-General Shuki Oren published new regulations Wednesday requiring government infrastructure projects to be built using at least 20 percent recycled construction and demolition waste (C&DW).
Recycled C&DW comes from the waste generated by construction projects.
About 4 four million tons are generated annually in Israel, but only 2 million reach official dumping areas. The rest is usually just dumped on the side of the road inside nature reserves and forests.
The new regulations were a joint effort of the Treasury and the Environmental Protection Ministry to develop a market for recycled products.
Without a viable market, the companies which recycle the material cannot survive. The first step then was to provide steady customers – the government is the biggest infrastructure projects builder in the country.
Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan has made waste one of his ministry's top priorities. 
The Forum of Recycling Companies praised the move as much needed "oxygen" for the industry.