Turkey slams 'hostile' Israeli actions in response to Gaza rocket attack

Turkey on Monday slammed Israel for its recent retaliatory strikes on Gaza in response to a rocket attack launched from the Strip, saying it would not desist from such condemnation despite the reconciliation of ties between Ankara and Jerusalem.
The Turkish Foreign Ministry lambasted Israel for its "hostile attitude," while avoiding any denouncement of the Gaza projectile strike that landed in a populated area of the southern Israeli city of Sderot.
"The attacks, which caused injuries to innocent Palestinian civilians, are not acceptable regardless of their grounds," Turkey's Andalou News Agency quoted the Turkish ministry as saying.
The Turkish government vowed to back the Palestinian side against what it said were Israeli actions that breach international law.
"Normalizing ties with Israel does not mean that we will keep silent in the face of attacks against the Palestinian people," the Turkish Foreign Ministry was quoted as stating.