Twin explosions in Baghdad and Mosul kill 9 people, wound at least 16

Twin explosions in Baghd

Car bombs and other explosions ripped through Baghdad and Mosul on Tuesday, killing nine people and wounding at least 16, according to Iraqi officials. In Baghdad, three car bombs detonated within minutes of each other in different areas near the heavily guarded Green Zone, which houses the US Embassy, the Iraqi parliament and other government buildings. "There were two military checkpoints using detectors at the beginning of the street, how can such car bombs manage to enter and explode?" said a Baghdad woman who identified herself as Um Ali, her cheeks smeared with blood as she screamed at reporters, echoing the frustrations voiced by many Iraqis. Hours later and hundreds of miles away, in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, two more car bombs and a roadside mine killed four people. A doctor at the Mosul general hospital said as many as 40 were wounded in the separate blasts that appeared to target a high-traffic neighborhood and a church.