Twitter suspends several Hamas accounts

Over the last few days, Twitter has suspended several accounts used by the military wing of Hamas, the last of which was suspended on Friday, according to The New York Times blog "The Lede."

Although Twitter does not comment on individual users, "The Lede" reported that Twitter's policy on abusive behavior does not allow for users making "direct, specific threats of violence against others.”

Using the last account before it was suspended on Friday, Hamas blamed Israel for the disappearance of its Twitter accounts with this tweet:

#Israel will not prevent us from delivering truth to the world. Follow @qasambrigade for updates. #Gaza #Palestine #Egypt #news

During Israel's military offensive in Gaza in 2012, the IDF and Hamas communicated via Twitter, trading insults and threats with the Twitter handles @IDFSpokesperson and @AlqassamBrigade.

The accounts suspended were @AlqassamBrigade, @qassambrigades, @qassambrigade, and @qasambrigade.