Two Arab-Israelis indicted for security offenses

The Acre Magistrate's Court ruled Monday to lift a gag order preventing the publication of details relating to two Arab-Israelis indicted for security offenses.
The move came after the Haifa District Attorney filed indictments in the Haifa District Court on Monday morning against Mahmoud Agbaria and Muhammed Agbaria, both from Musmus, charging them with providing services to illegal organizations, illegal transactions with terrorist assets and illegal transactions for the purpose of terror.
According to the indictments, both men are accused of transferring money from illegal organizations including terror group Hamas and the al-Noor Prisoners' Society for former security prisoners, to security prisoners' families and to Hamas activists. The money was also to compensate them for their work for terror groups and for their own stint in Israeli prisons, the indictments allege.
Later on Monday, Haifa District Court Judge Ron Shapira ruled to extend the remand of both defendants.