Two Shin Bet agents indicted for theft of funds

Two Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) agents were indicted on Monday in the Lod District Court for theft of public funds, in a rare criminal proceeding against members of the country’s secret homeland security agency.
The names of the two are under gag order and State Attorney Shai Nitzan had to personally approve the indictment due to their being Shin Bet agents, with the only information about their identities given being that they were relatively lower level administrative agents.
A Justice Ministry statement said that the two were caught as part of an internal Shin Bet review which found suspicious financial statements and procedural irregularities.
The Police Investigations Department indictment also included charges for forgery and they requested to keep the two defendants in custody until the end of the trials against them.
The Shin Bet said it viewed “any violation” of its standards and values as “grave.”