UK: El Al plane bomb plotter could be released early

A terrorist who was jailed in Britain for attempting to bumb an Israeli El Al plain in 1986 could be released following a British court's ruling on Tuesday, AP reported.
Nazir Hindawi's attempt to bring down an El Al flight en route to Tel Aviv from London led to a break in relations between the UK and Syria, which Western officials accused of organizing the bomb plot, AP said.
Hindawi was sentenced 45 years in jail for the crime, but became eligible for parole in 2001 and has since been trying to obtain an early release.
According to the AP report, London's High Court ruled on Tuesday that a parole board should make the final decision on Hindawi, bypassing British ministers who have previously blocked attempts to release him.
The UK Justice Minister said it would refer Hindawi's case to a parole board immediately, but not specific time was offered, AP reported.