UK PM May gives Brexit speech in Florence

FLORENCE, Italy - Prime Minister Theresa May said that a Brexit implementation period would last for around two years.
"During the implementation period, people will be continue to be able to come and live and work in the UK but there will be a registration system, an essential preparation for the new regime," May said in Florence.
"As of today, these considerations point to a implementation period of around two years," she said.
May also stated that she wants UK courts to take into account judgments made by the European Court of Justice over the issue of European Union citizens' rights.

"The rights of EU citizens in the UK, and UK citizens overseas will diverge," said May during the Florence speech.

"I want the UK courts to be able to take into account the judgments of the European Court of Justice with a view to ensuring consistent interpretation. And on this basis I hope our teams can reach firm agreement quickly," she said.