Updated exterminator law comes into affect -- with request to public

The updated exterminator law came into affect on Wednesday, with new guidelines for the public to follow when hiring someone to deal with pests.
With the updated law, all people working with extermination companies will be required to be licensed. The ministry pointed out that a licensed exterminator has undergone a series of courses and has training on the proper use of toxic chemicals, as well as an understanding of which substances are safe for use.
In a statement from the Environmental Protection Ministry on Wednesday, the public was asked to verify that all exterminators hired are on the ministry's list and take note of the license's expiration date. The latest license expiration date that the ministry gives is May 31, 2019. The exterminator's full identification details should be verified as well and include the person's full name and identification number.
Furthermore, all those who hire an exterminator should receive a copy of the “Extermination log” which provides details of the chemicals being used.