US, allies say conduct seven air strikes in Syria, 14 in Iraq

WASHINGTON- The US-led coalition launched seven air strikes against Islamic State targets in Syria and 14 in Iraq on Friday, the military said in a statement.
Four of the strikes in Syria were concentrated around Dayr Az Zawr, where they hit an Islamic State crude oil collection point and a petroleum pump as well as destroying a crane and mobile pump, the coalition said in a statement on Saturday.
The others landed near the Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa and al Hawl, it said.
The increase in strikes in Syria came as the United States announced it would send fewer than 50 special operations forces into the country's north, the first deployment of American troops there on an open-ended mission. The coalition had launched two air strikes in Syria the previous week.
In Iraq, four air strikes near Ramadi hit tactical units and weapons and "denied ISIS access to terrain," the statement said. Iraqi troops have been working to retake Ramadi since the militants captured it in May.
Four other strikes came near the contested city of Sinjar. There was one strike each near al Qaim, Kisik, Mosul, Qayyarah, Sultan Abdallah and Tal Afar, the coalition said.
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