US-based Gulen urges Europe act to stop "catastrophe" in Turkey

ROME - A US-based Turkish cleric accused by Tayyip Erdogan of treason said the President was using a failed coup to promote himself as a national hero and urged Europe to intervene to prevent "catastrophe" as purges from the army to the judiciary proceed.
Fethullah Gulen, who denies backing the July putsch, suggested in an interview with Italian daily La Stampa Europe's leaders had done too little in criticizing Erdogan over the arrest of tens of thousands, from the army and journalism to the judiciary and arts, and the suspension of some 100,000 people.
"Internal pressure from refugees, the proliferation of radical groups, the persecution of tens of thousands of civilians, Erdogan's rash self-proclamation as national hero... should compel European leaders to take effective action to stop the...government's move towards authoritarianism," he said