US began removing diplomatic staff from Russia

The United States has been removing furniture and equipment from a diplomatic property in Moscow on Tuesday, in response to Russia’s order to remove US diplomatic staff from the country.
At a diplomatic property in the Serebryany Bor area, in the outskirts of Moscow, a crowd of journalists surround the closed compound.
As the wall of the diplomatic property is about 2.5 meters high, reporters have to hold cameras over their heads, or use drones to get a view of the property’s interior. Some even climbed up trees.
At around 11:00 local time, a white minibus with a diplomatic license plate left the property.
Three people were in the minibus. One male got out of the vehicle to lock the gate. They left without accepting any interviews.
Russian deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov said that US diplomats are required to leave the US owned villa, dacha by noon on Tuesday, and delayed removal will cause new problems, according to Russia media.
On Friday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Moscow would suspend the use of the summerhouse in Serebryany Bor and some warehouses in southern Moscow by the US Embassy staff from Aug. 1, as part of retaliation to a new sanction bill passed in the US Congress last week and the expulsion of Russian diplomats and seizure of two Russian diplomatic properties in the United States in December.
Russia also asked the United States to reduce 755 diplomatic staff from its embassy and consular operations in Russia by September 1.
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