US official: Iran will be further sanctioned despite talks

Harsher sanctions will be imposed on Iran despite Tehran having engaged in two rounds of talks with world powers over the issue of its disputed nuclear program, with a third round scheduled for next month, Army Radio quoted a senior US official as saying in a briefing to reporters in Tel Aviv on Saturday.
The official, who was said to have intimate knowledge of the negotiations with Iran which took place in Baghdad this past week, said that the US would continue to pressure Iran with sanctions until it ceased enriching uranium. The US official said that even after the third round of talks next month in Moscow, it will likely not be certain if Iran is engaging in talks to buy time to continue pursuing nuclear weapons or if it is serious in its intentions to come to an agreement with the P5+1 group of world powers, consisting of the US, UK, France, China Russia and Germany.
Israel's concerns that "time is running out" on the Iranian nuclear issue are justified, according to the official. "We are doubtful it is possible to reach an agreement with Iran, but we must exhaust the diplomatic path - because the alternative, whether its a nuclear Iran or a regional war, is very serious," Army Radio quoted him as saying.
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