Wolf attacks hikers in Golan Heights

A wolf attacked and lightly hurt 7 hikers in the Golan Heights on Saturday, including a father and his 9-year-old son.
All of the wounded were taken to Ziv Medical center in Tzfat, where they were  treated for bites and scratches to their extremities. They were all given rabies shots while in treatment.
One of the victims told reporters that he was hiking in the Golan Heights with his brother near Moshav Nimrod when they came across a wolf on a trail near a spring. They turned to leave but were chased down by the wolf, who bit both of them on the leg, before it was chased away by bystanders throwing stones.
The Parks and Nature Authority said they are currently searching for the wolf.
Jackals are commonly seen in a number of urban areas across Israel, where they encounter people. They rarely attack unless they are rabid.