Yachimovich: PM merged with FM due to insecurity over vote

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu decided to unite his Likud party with Yisrael Beyteinu because he did not feel secure that he would win the elections, said Labor leader Shelly Yacimovich on Friday morning.
In an interview with Army Radio, Yacimovich said that the prime minister had been paying attention to the polls, which showed that his party was threatened by the Labor party.
"The political map has changed," Yacimovich said calling on the Center parties to unite, and specifically calling on Likud voters who she said had "lost their home" to turn to Labor. 
When questioned on who should join the theoretical centrist party, she said that she did not think Ehud Olmert had a place in politics given his conviction of breach of trust in the Investment Center affair as well as the ongoing charges against him in the Holyland trial.
However, she praised Tzipi Livni and said she would be happy to see her return to politics.