Yacimovich: Definition of Left and Right not relevant

The old definition of Left and Right is no longer relevant, Labor leader Shelly Yacimovich said Saturday afternoon on Channel 2's "Meet the press" program.
Yacimovich said that for a long time Israel's Left and Right have been defined purely by politics, and not by economics; she opined that for a state to be able to make peace, it firstly needs a strong socio-economic basis. "I came into politics for a just economic system," the Labor leader stressed.
Yacimovich reiterated her respect for former opposition leader Tzipi Livni, asserted that she "has a place in politics." When pressed on whether she would be inviting Livni to join the party as her number two, Yacimovich refused to answer, saying that she knows very well how to warmly invite people to her party when she wants to, but not in a television studio.
Addressing former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Yacimovich said she did believe he should return to politics. She said she could not accept into politics somone with a criminal convction, who is furthermore, still in the middle of an additional trial. She added that she believed he had been an awful prime minister who led the country into two wars.