Yair Lapid: Tax raises is our red line

Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid on Tuesday accused the government of creating a "hole" of over 15 billion shekels in the budget, and of "pretending that it not does not know where to bring the money from."
Speaking at a Calacalist conference in Tel Aviv, Lapid said, "maybe it's time to talk to the government in a language it understands. The next tax raise is our red line, and we will not let it happen."
"Take note Sir," Lapid said pointedly at Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, holding up a diagram of a bomb, resembling that which the prime minister used to speak of the Iranian threat at the United Nations General Assembly this year. "This is the bomb, this is the fuse.That is what the old politics has done to the middle class."
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