Yesh Atid slams Bitan, 'this is how the people's army is broken down'

"This is how a people's army [the IDF] is broken down," said Yesh Atid member Orna Barbivai, "when I was the head of [IDF] Manpower Directorate I often heard in person Prime Minister [Benjamin Netanyahu] speaks about the importance of a people's army, yet words and actions do not match in this case."
Recordings of Coalition Head David Bitan [Likud] were published by Walla! News on Sunday in which he said that in order to avoid IDF conscription Haredi people need to "speak in a positive way" to the IDf and explain they would love to serve if the IDF could offer them a strict level of Kosher food and to serve without women, two conditions he felt the IDF could not really offer them.