Int'l bidders gather in Nazareth to discuss northern Light Rail

CEO of Trans Israel, Dan Shenbach: "The Nofit Light Rail is the flagship project of Trans Israel, which will bring about a transportation, social and economic revolution in the north."

 Trans Israel CEO Dan Shenbach (photo credit: Noam Mardo)
Trans Israel CEO Dan Shenbach
(photo credit: Noam Mardo)

Trans Israel company held a conference in Nazareth on Monday, bringing international bidders for the Light Rail concession tender.

Trans Israel is operating the Nofit Light Rail project, which will connect localities in the northern metropolis between Haifa and Nazareth and promote the development of transportation in the north. This will serve residents of the north and create a fast and efficient transport sequence between localities in Israel’s northern metropolis on its three hubs – Haifa, the Krayot and Nof HaGalil-Nazareth.

For the first time in Israel, the light rail – spanning a length of approximately 41 kilometers – will enable continuous travel in urban and intercity sections, without the need to change means of transportation.

The conference was attended by representatives from the state and from the groups competing in the Light Rail concession tender, which include leading companies such as Shafir & CAF, Alstom, Electra & Minrav, Comsa, Dan & Denya Cebus, Generation Capital, Keolis & CRRC, Shikun & Binui & Egged.

"The quality of the groups competing in the tender reflects the project’s scope and importance," said Trans Israel CEO Dan Shenbach. "The Light Rail will enable direct, convenient and fast access to employment and leisure centers for residents of the region."

Senior officials from the Finance Ministry and Transportation Ministry were also in attendance.

As part of the concession tender, the winning bidder will be responsible, among other things, for the design, approval, construction, supply and installation of all of the project’s rail systems, purchasing of carriages, operation and maintenance for a period of approximately 25 years. 

Among the systems that the concessionaire will be required to provide are: signaling systems, line electrification, communication systems, ticketing and information systems for passengers, construction of tracks, construction of stations, depot complex, control center and more.

At the end of the conference, a comprehensive tour was held along the Nofit Light Rail route.

"The concession tender is an important milestone in the promotion of the Nofit project, a complex and significant national and strategic project that will change the transportation reality in the north," said deputy CEO of the Light Rail, Itzik Oron. "Today we held a successful bidders conference and we continue to move forward according to the plan."