Largest city in northern Israel and home to country's biggest port

Safe & Sound performance space in Haifa
Haifa International Film Festival to take place during Sukkot as planned

Some directors, actors and other film professionals will take part in the festival, both in person and via ZOOM meetings.

ultra-Orthodox wedding
Haifa revokes approval for wedding of Rebbe of Vizhnitz's granddaughter

In an alternate reality, not affected by the coronavirus pandemic, the wedding of Pearl Malka, granddaughter of Rebbe of Vizhnitz, Rabbi Yaakov Hagar, would have attracted tens of thousands.

'Low Emission Zone' helps reduce air pollution in Haifa

Over the past two years, since the introduction of a a "Low Emission Zone" in the city, which forbids the entrance of Diesel powered vehicles into the town hall.

Dolphins seen playing off the coast near Haifa

The pod was seen playing and swimming next to the boat of Oren Solomon, who took videos and pictures of the Dolphins early Saturday morning.

MK Ayman Odeh, mother and other participants are seen during the Mothers for Life Movement march.
Arab bereaved mothers call on authorities to stop local crime

Joint List leader Ayman Odeh joined the first day of the march.

Dolphin next to a dead friend
Mediterranean dolphin spotted off Haifa's coastline - WATCH

IMMRAC researchers noted that the particular dolphin spotted on Saturday was healthy and didn't present any signs of weakness or disease.

A Lebanese army helicopter flies over the site of Tuesday's blast in Beirut's port area
Could the Beirut explosion happen in Israel?

Recent event puts spotlight on danger of chemicals in home front.

Umm Kulthum
Haifa to name street after famed Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum

Council head Einat Kalisch-Rotem stated that the move "represents a model of co-existence between Arabs and Jews," according to the AFP - much like Haifa is today.

Regular season finally winds down

Haifa, Jerusalem prime for playoffs with conquests • Rishon stuns Mac TA again

Firefighters extinguish blazing gas tanker in Haifa, July 14, 2020
Firefighters prevent flaming gas tanker from exploding in Haifa

"We prevented one of the great disasters that the State of Israel could have experienced thanks to the early hour and thanks to the professionalism of the firefighters."

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