Enova signs deal with Partner to electrify company fleet

Enova will accompany Partner Communications Group, in installing electric charging stations at the company’s headquarters and employees’ homes.

 Partner Communications Group electric vehicles  (photo credit: Courtesy)
Partner Communications Group electric vehicles
(photo credit: Courtesy)

Partner Communications Group and Enova Energy have signed an agreement to transition to electric vehicles. As part of the agreement, Enova will accompany Partner, the first communications group in Israel to lead such a move, to install electric charging stations at the company’s headquarters and employees’ homes.

Enova will supply Partner with a supply of charging stations over the next several years to keep pace with the changeover from standard vehicles to electric vehicles while fully managing the process, including installation, service and ongoing operation.  The company will provide an advanced management system that enables smart charging and power distribution management across stations, alongside monitoring, control, collection and analysis of electricity consumption data for the company’s fleet manager. 

As part of the first stage, dozens of stations have already been installed at Partner headquarters in Rosh HaAyin, as Partner’s vehicle fleet constitutes one of the largest fleets of vehicles among companies in the Israeli economy. The transition to electric vehicles is a strategic move that is expected to reduce the company’s air pollution emissions.

Enova, headed by Yuval Keinan, is a subsidiary of Nofar Energy and the Milgam Group, which promotes comprehensive solutions in the field of renewable energy. The company is establishing a nationwide charging network for electric vehicles alongside the creation, storage and private supply of electricity through the production of solar energy systems. 

Yuval Keinan, CEO of Enova Energy (Credit: Noi Arkobi)Yuval Keinan, CEO of Enova Energy (Credit: Noi Arkobi)

Innova provides an innovative service that includes smart charging stations, charging at preferred hours to save electricity and support for dozens to hundreds of electric vehicles at one site by an algorithm that learns the charging behavior for each vehicle. The service enables charging activation by application, RFID chip, QR scan, and the company’s employee card. 

According to forecasts by the Electricity Authority and the Ministry of Energy, by 2030, about one million electric vehicles are expected to be in use in Israel. This move positions Partner as a highly environmentally conscious company that champions innovation, sustainability and ecology, and is expected to raise the company’s annual ranking in the international ESG (Corporate Social Responsibility) index.

Partner Deputy CEO Dganit Kramer: “We are proceeding towards a more advanced, efficient and green future. Alongside excellence and leadership in the communications market, Partner is committed to innovation, sustainability and contribution to the environment.” Enova CEO Yuval Keinan: “We are pleased to partner with Partner in the transition to green transportation, as part of the growing trend in recent months, as many companies in the Israeli economy begin to switch parts of their vehicle fleet to electric. Enova has a unique, cost-effective and efficient solution that enables management of charging at work, at home and in the public setting with a single bill.”