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Haim Taib’s vision  for the future of Africa and Israel

The Mitrelli Group has developed innovative, pioneering solutions for the African nation of Angola in such areas as telecommunications, water, healthcare, housing, education, and energy.

Fiber internet is coming to 330 Israeli cities, towns and villages

The attention being given to Haredi cities could be monumental in terms of enabling the ultra-Orthodox community to join the workforce.

 Mother with newborn baby in the nursing pillow

How do you communicate with infants before they can speak?

Even infants have language skills and communicate in a unique way. Familiarize yourself with the pre-verbal stage.

By Daniel Saransky

Comms. Min. delays sale of Israeli satellite company to Hungarian company over Orban ties

The communications ministry is avoiding selling Israeli company Spacecom to Hungarian company 4iG due to concerns that Hungarian PM Viktor Orban is closely tied to the company.

Government awards NIS 4.3m to Israeli 5G technology companies

A government pilot program aims to promote innovation in 5G technology and infrastructure by funding relevant, promising Israeli startups.

Breaking Israel's haredi autonomy via kosher phones - interview with Yoaz Hendel

How the Communications Minister became the unexpected leader of the fight for equality under law, and haredi society’s public enemy No. 1.

Price of Israeli landline phone service to drop by 40%

Landline phone service in Israel will become about 40% cheaper over the next two years.

China flag

Israeli snub pushed Chinese firm to sell telecom shares

Multiple sources with knowledge of communications between US and Israeli officials on the matter of Chinese investments said that the US raised the matter of Hutchison’s stake in Partner.

How to handle it when a child prefers one parent over another

Does your son always want only his father? Does your daughter insist that only mom can take her to kindergarten? Parental preference is a well-known and common phenomenon. 

By Daniel Saransky

Keeping a line of communication open with Biden's aide

I spoke with Barack Obama about Israel when he was in office, and now I speak with President Joe Biden's aide.

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