TAU Ventures launches ‘GROW’: a leadership program for managers in startups

New program by Tel Aviv University Ventures will give managers tools to handle hyper-growing start-up companies to avoid falling behind.

Tel Aviv University. (photo credit: SHLOMI AMSALEM)
Tel Aviv University.
(photo credit: SHLOMI AMSALEM)

Tel Aviv University-based venture capital fund TAU Ventures launched a program for managers in hyper-growth start-up companies. TAU Ventures, which invests in Israeli companies in their early stages, is launching a first-of-its-kind program that is providing managers of portfolio companies in stages of a hyper-growth with management tools and techniques that will help as they grow as leaders in their companies.

Israel has long established itself as the “Start-Up Nation,” but those small companies are similar to a falling star. They are usually equipped with a brilliant business model, impressive technological abilities and rich personnel capital. Early start-up achievers can run into a challenge as their organizational systems and management capabilities fail to stand up with the fast pace, and the result is the company is falling behind.

Usually, when a new start-up is established, the initial team brings in new employees. But as more people join, it becomes challenging to manage them all. Leadership positions remain empty, as most employees are not experienced enough. As hyper-growth settles in, the demand of the business outgrows the initial talent.

This catch has been experienced by new founders, as lack of resources prevents start-ups from investing in their human capital and developing their mid-management

 TAU Ventures participants in a meeting. (credit: TAU Ventures) TAU Ventures participants in a meeting. (credit: TAU Ventures)

Therefore, TAU Ventures is now launching a program meant to deal with this challenge. The program, which is 11-weeks long, is meant to support its start-ups seeking to build a strong managerial infrastructure and give managers the tools and leadership mindset and arrive at the next step in their company’s growth, more focused, engaged and equipped

TAU Ventures created this program with the professional leadership of the consulting agency MileStone for them to support its start-ups seeking to build a strong management structure. Michal Malka Perry from Milestone said there are a number of common challenges managers in start-up are facing.

“They need... their super talent but also build a team of stars that is able to build a plane while flying. Not an easy task,” she said. “Simultaneously, they are faced with the mission of attracting talent. They need to outshine the ocean of existing companies by highlighting their uniqueness and knowing how to sell the company for candidates. Lastly, they are responsible for building a development path for their employees in a super competitive market.”

TAU Ventures business development VP Inbal Perlman said they are “constantly looking at innovative new ways to support our founders. Our new program will empower the next generation of our start-up nation’s top founders with vital skills to lead, grow and succeed.”