This is how AR can treat dyslexia

Using artificial intelligence, AR glasses will emphasize important words and present pictures to the reader while reading.

 Person writing (illustrative) (photo credit: FLICKR.COM)
Person writing (illustrative)
(photo credit: FLICKR.COM)

Shahar Vytonsky, a graduate with a master's degree in industrial design from HIT, the Holon Institute of Technology, has faced severe dyslexia all his life. 

After reading a study by Dr. Smadar Fattal stating that kids with dyslexia who view images for a few seconds based on educational content that they read have a much easier time remembering the text, he decided to take her results and develop a device that uses Augmented Reality (AR).

The development is the focus of his start-up ArBC and Fattal joined the company. Using artificial intelligence, the AR glasses will emphasize important words and present images to the reader while reading. 

Recently as part of an event of FUTURE HIT – The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Vytonsky presented the development to investors from leading Israeli investment funds

"We don’t give dyslexic students crutches. We teach them to run. We use the most advanced AR technology to help millions of students worldwide who have dyslexia," Whitonsky said. 

Writing on a computer keyboard [Illustrative] (credit: ING IMAGE)Writing on a computer keyboard [Illustrative] (credit: ING IMAGE)

ArBC gives dyslexic children who speak any language in the world the ability to use special glasses or a tablet to follow any report they want to read, understand and remember. 

The system helps them to understand the text quickly and easily while tracking and recording the student's eye gaze, and understanding which part of the text is difficult to comprehend.

FUTURE director Tali Malach said: "We’re proud of our entrepreneurs who aim high and dream of changing the world. Dyslexia is a daily challenge that impedes the daily routine of hundreds of millions of people worldwide. I believe that Shahar's startup will greatly assist them and that he’s destined for greatness.”