iPhone 10 Review: Get ready to be wowed

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(photo credit: AMAZON)

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The iPhone 10 is one of the most iconic iPhones yet, and it's the perfect phone for modern use. With its sleek stainless steel frame and all-screen design, the iPhone 10 offers a unique, modern look. But it also comes with a learning curve, as it has several major changes to the way you use an iPhone. In this review, we'll be taking a look at all the features the iPhone 10 has to offer, helping you decide if it's the right phone for you.

I recently had the opportunity to test out the iPhone 10, and it has quickly become my favorite iPhone by far. Not only does it feel modern, but it also has a few features that may take some getting used to. The biggest change for me was the lack of a home button and the introduction of a few gestures. For example, you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to go home, down from the top for notifications, and from the right corner for the control center. After a couple of days, these gestures started to become natural to me and even quicker than using the home button.

The other great addition to the iPhone 10 is the Super Retina Display, which is a 5.8-inch OLED panel. It also supports HDR and has True Tone, which makes the colors look incredibly vivid. The screen on the iPhone 10 is great and definitely adds to how nice the phone looks.

One of the most talked-about features on the iPhone 10 is FaceID. It works well most of the time, although it may not be as accurate as Touch ID was. But once you get used to it, FaceID will allow you to securely and quickly unlock your phone. It also recognizes you when you change your hairstyle or put makeup on.

The iPhone 10 also has a really great set of cameras. Both the front and rear cameras have the same sensors as the iPhone 8 Plus, but with better glass. This means you can expect more details, dynamic range, and stabilization in photos and videos.

Overall, the iPhone 10 has been a great experience. It has an iconic design, a great display, and a few new features that I have come to appreciate.

Credit: AmazonCredit: Amazon

Design Upgrades on the iPhone 10

The iPhon 10 features a number of design changes that make it stand out from previous iPhones. It features a stainless steel body with a super shiny finish and rounded corners on the display that are pushed right up to the edges of the phone. Furthermore, the now iconic notch houses all the front-facing sensors. Lastly, the home button has been replaced with a variety of swipe gestures. All in all, the iPhone 10 stands out from its predecessors due to its modern design.

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All About the Display of the iPhone 10

The iPhone 10 boasts an all-new Super Retina Display - Apple's first OLED in a smartphone. Stretching out to 5.8 inches, the OLED panel has an incredibly high pixel density, along with full support for the P3 color gamut and HDR content. The phone is topped off with true tone and 3D Touch technology, creating a truly advanced and user-friendly display. The True Tone technology works to adjust the display’s white balance depending on the lighting around you, making it comfortable to view either outdoors or indoors. The new Super Retina Display adds to the iPhone 10's impressive list of features and makes the phone stand out among its competitors.

How Durable is the Stainless Steel Rail on the iPhone 10?

The iPhone 10 is one of the most iconic phones ever made and its stainless steel rail is a major part of the phone's design. Unfortunately, this rail is known to be quite slippery, and if you tend to be clumsy with your phone when you're out and about, it won't take long for it to start chipping and scratching. The silver of the steel does look amazing when it is fresh out of the box, but the shiny finish won't last for long. To avoid scratches, many people opt to purchase a matte black skin for their phone to ensure it looks just as good as it did on day one. If you have larger hands, you can take advantage of the iPhone 10's reachability feature found in the Accessibility settings to make it easier to reach all the gestures without straining. Sticking a bumper on the phone can also help with grip.

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All About the Camera on iPhone 10

The iPhone 10 comes equipped with a set of impressive cameras. The rear dual cameras have the same exact sensors as the iPhone 8 Plus, but with slightly better glass. Both cameras are optically stabilized for improved performance with the 2x telephoto lens and zoomed in photos and videos. Furthermore, the front-facing camera has a unique feature called Animoji. This technology uses your face to create custom animated characters and messages to send to your friends. Photos taken on the iPhone 10 have great dynamic range and detail, with vivid pops of color that make the sky look even more beautiful. With its impressive set of features and specs, the iPhone 10 is sure to make a statement with its camera.

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Which Fingerprint Reader is Superior?

The iPhone 10 is currently the only device with Face ID, Apple's facial recognition technology, but how does it compare to the old standard of Touch ID? Touch ID remains the gold standard for quickly and securely getting into your phone, with a success rate of around 99%. Facial recognition via Face ID is slightly less reliable, with a reported 95% success rate, but it has some advantages. Because it doesn't require an external fingerprint reader, it's closer to secure and seamless authentication than before. Another bonus is that Face ID can learn to recognize a changing face over time and won't be fooled by photographs. However, Face ID can be tripped up by being backlit or by too much infrared light, so it's wise to have a back-up passcode too. All in all, while Touch ID may still have the edge, Face ID is definitely a worthy successor.

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How Developers are Updating Apps for the iPhone 10 Notch

With the introduction of the iPhone 10 and its new notch feature, developers have had to make some big changes to their apps. The notch houses sensors and other front-facing features, thus making it difficult to create an app that works around it. Developers must now make their apps fill up the entire display, using the notch as an integral part of the design. While most of the bigger names have already updated their apps to accommodate the notch, it may take a few weeks or months for all of the other apps to do the same. With the newer and taller aspect ratio, apps now need to embrace the notch to keep up with the trend. As time goes on, the apps will transition and eventually, the notch will become a natural part of the display.

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  • It has a modern, iconic design with a 5.8 inch OLED display and stainless steel sides.
  • It has water resistance, wireless charging, and great speakers for an enhanced user experience.
  • It has a face ID facial recognition feature which is impressively accurate most of the time.


  • Its shiny finish is less durable and gets chipped or scratched easily.
  • It has a notch which some people dislike and cuts off some of the display when watching videos in fullscreen mode.
  • Its camera bump is easy to accidentally get your finger in the photo or video you're taking due to its new orientation.

The iPhone 10 is an iconic device that brings with it a range of modern features and sleek design. While there is a learning curve with the phone's new gestures, once you get used to them they feel natural. The Super Retina Display is a great addition and the facial recognition is just as secure (if not more so) than Touch ID. Not to mention, the camera bump on the back and Animoji feature make the iPhone 10 a standout device. All in all, the iPhone 10 is a great phone and highly recommended.

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  • Question: What new features does the iPhone 10 have?
  • Answer: The iPhone 10 features an edge-to-edge screen, wireless charging, a stainless steel sides for a sleek finish, speakers that are not front-facing but still provide good sound, an IP67 water resistance rating for additional peace of mind, and Face ID for secure and seamless facial recognition.
  • Question: How does Face ID work?
  • Answer: Face ID works by bouncing thousands of infrared dots off your face and then creating a detailed map of your eyes, nose, and mouth. It doesn't use the front-facing camera, and it can learn to recognize a changing face over time. It also won't be tricked by a picture of you, since that won't have the depth of a real face.
  • Question: What is animoji?
  • Answer: Animoji is an exclusive iPhone 10 feature that uses the front-facing camera to track facial expressions and then animates them in emoji form. It's a fun way to liven up conversations and is a good way of showing that you have an iPhone 10.

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