Noogata unveils AI assistant to increase sales on Amazon

Noogata's new AI assistant empowers eCommerce brands on Amazon by providing proactive insights and strategies for improved visibility and sales growth.

Artificial intelligence (Ilustrative) (photo credit: PIXABAY)
Artificial intelligence (Ilustrative)
(photo credit: PIXABAY)

Noogata, a Tel-Aviv based eCommerce platform, released a new AI assistant on Tuesday to give Amazon sellers a competitive edge. 

In today's highly competitive eCommerce landscape, dominated by giants like Amazon, companies face immense challenges in increasing the visibility of their product listings. With millions of items listed on Amazon's platform alone, it's no wonder that brands struggle to stand out amidst the noise. To drive sales, brands have access to a wealth of consumer data through various analytics tools. However, most of these tools are reactive, requiring significant time commitments to discover insights and act upon them effectively and at scale.

Enter Noogata's newly released AI assistant—a notable development in the realm of eCommerce technology. By integrating into a brand's eCommerce data ecosystem and correlating multiple data points, it delivers valuable insights and actionable strategies to eCommerce professionals, empowering them to make informed decisions with greater understanding.

"AI answers the questions large consumer brands didn’t know to ask."

Oren Raboy, co-founder and CEO

Noogata's AI assistant is specifically designed for eCommerce brands and consumer packaged goods companies operating within the Amazon marketplace. Unlike traditional analytics tools, Noogata's assistant functions as a constant team member, seamlessly integrating with a brand's eCommerce data. It correlates diverse data points and swiftly delivers valuable insights and strategies, enabling eCommerce professionals to take prompt action with ease.

To enhance their competitive advantage, Noogata's AI assistant provides a comprehensive overview of the entire Amazon marketplace, allowing brands to monitor competitors and reverse engineer their successful digital shelf strategies. This proactive approach helps brands outperform their competition and drive growth.

 Artificial intelligence (illustrative) (credit: WIKIMEDIA)
Artificial intelligence (illustrative) (credit: WIKIMEDIA)

Providing valuable insights to sellers

Oren Raboy, the co-founder and CEO of Noogata, emphasized the importance of optimal positioning within the digital shelf of an online marketplace. “70% of shoppers view three or fewer pages of product listings, which means that sellers whose products are not optimally positioned get left behind,” he said. “Instead of manually scanning data and dashboards in search of specific insights, our AI answers the questions large consumer brands didn’t know to ask, and proactively delivers undiscovered insights that substantially impact sales and market share.”

Noogata's AI growth assistant incorporates several powerful tools, including the “AI Insights Feed,” which centralizes discovered insights and generates recommendations for proactive responses to market signals and competitor changes. The “Ad Booster” helps increase the effectiveness of advertising spend by identifying effective keywords and uncovering unique opportunities for a competitive advantage. Additionally, the “Perfect Content tool” simplifies the optimization of Amazon product content by suggesting relevant keywords at scale and providing real-time performance metrics.

Noogata's eCommerce platform has gained recognition from major global brands, including multinational consumer packaged goods companies like Colgate-Palmolive, TaylorMade, and FocusCamera. By using the platform, these brands have been able to streamline their operations in the Amazon ecosystem, gain insights into their competitors, and make improvements to drive success.