The AI that will help keeping quality teaching staff in the education system

This week an educational-technological hackathon took place in the south. Among the new developed prototypes: an AI platform that will help teachers in need.

Images from the hackathon (photo credit: Sefi Shlevin)
Images from the hackathon
(photo credit: Sefi Shlevin)

It is common to think that since we no longer walk around with masks in public, Covid is no longer with us. But professionals In the education system understand that the opposite is true, and the damages of the Corona virus in the educational level accompany us to this day, and in fact the gaps are only accumulating, and the education system needs new tools to deal with the crisis.

Those who sought to deal with the situation are the Center for Educational Technology (CET), who held an educational-technological hackathon at the MindCET innovation center in Yeruham last week, in which they sought to examine the question of how artificial intelligence is harnessed to deal with those educational and emotional crises. One of the tools developed to give teachers an answer is called PRO-FEEL.

Images from the hackathon (Credit: Sefi Shlevin)
Images from the hackathon (Credit: Sefi Shlevin)

During Covid, the phenomenon of youth who had difficulty adapting to distance learning and began to drop out of schools intensified. For many of them, returning to the physical classes after the restrictions were removed was not easy, and the difficulties that accompanied them at home have now accompanied them in the schools as well. The teachers also had to deal with this difficulty, which led to increased pressure and burnout, and the dropout of teaching staff from the educational system.

To help teachers deal with the new challenge, this week, during the hackathon CET held, an initial prototype for an artificial intelligence platform called PRO-FEEL was presented. This is an AI-based bot, with which the teachers communicate, present to it the challenges they face in the classrooms, and receive feedback and emotional support, including suggestions for ways to deal with different scenarios. This tool is based on the fields of SEL- Social Emotional Learnin, which is aimed at improving the well-being of teachers and is intended to reduce the alarming phenomenon of teachers dropping out of the education system because of stress and attrition, which intensified in the days after the Covid.

Images from the hackathon (Credit: Sefi Shlevin)
Images from the hackathon (Credit: Sefi Shlevin)

According to Yossi Baidatz, CEO of CET: "Even in the context of artificial intelligence, we decided to start experimenting in the field - because CET is an organization that learns in order to act - and works in order to learn." In the coming days, the new development is expected to step up and begin to form more tendons, for the sake of the teachers' well-being.