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Israel's education system needs a change - opinion

The recent wage agreement was an important first step, but it isn't enough to change the reality of Israel's education system.


Parent teacher conferences and investment expectations

Investors need to have reasonable expectations. That is also why it’s so important to define your goals and your needs, because that helps with moderating expectations


Recognizing our everyday heroes: Our teachers - opinion

Saying thank you to teachers is not an act that only needed to happen during COVID, it is something they deserve every day.


Israeli educational personnel quality needs to be improved - expert

Adv. Avital Ben-Shelomo, Head of the Education Policy Research Team at the Kohelet Forum, addressed the challenges facing the Israeli education system at the Jerusalem Post Leaders’ Summit.


The next frontier in women’s Torah studies – Kitvuni

Rabbanit Malke Bina and Dr. Yael Ziegler discuss Matan’s latest initiative

Teacher summoned to hearing for showing provocative images of Netanyahu

In a lesson given to the 11th grade, the teacher showed a graffiti painting and a photomontage of Netanyahu defecating and graffiti of him and former US President Donald Trump kissing.

By Walla!

Remembering Natalie Hess, a Jerusalem teacher who survived the Holocaust

Natalie Hess, who died recently at the age of 86, was my idol; she molded my life and the lives of countless others. If you were a teacher trained by her, you could do anything.

Who is to blame for dispute between Finance Ministry, Israeli teachers? - poll

Israelis have their say on the ongoing teachers' crisis as no agreement made yet, two days before Israel's schools are set to open.

Israel's schoolyear is about to start and everyone is clueless

EDUCATION AFFAIRS: In quiet classrooms around the country, teachers are hanging decorations, organizing lessons and preparing a year’s worth of daily education.

Herzog College: Bible study days inspire and connect on campus, online

Rabbi Dr. Yehuda Brandes: “Every profession has its annual conference, and the Yemei Iyun B’Tanach is where Tanach teachers come from all over the globe for inspiration and mentorship.”

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